Chappaqua School District

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Chappaqua is a hamlet within the town of New Castle, a suburb that is located approximately 31 miles north of Manhattan, in Westchester County, NY. Chappaqua was founded in the early 18th century, when a group of Quakers from Purchase, NY settled in the area. The name of their settlement was inspired by the Algonquin word “shah-pah-ka,” which referred to the rustling of wind in the leaves. The Quakers used versions of this word, mentioning their meetings as “Shapequa” meetings as early as 1745. Because Chappaqua was rich in the natural resources of streams, rivers and fertile land, it quickly became a farming center complete with power mills. The community’s success in farming quickly led to other industries, such as milk processing and the production of shoes, hardware, vinegar, pickles, eyeglasses and furniture.

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