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Located 35 miles from Manhattan, the hamlet of Armonk  makes up more than two-thirds of North Castle, a sprawling  26-square-mile town that encompasses two other hamlets,  Banksville and North White Plains. 
Armonk’s most desirable neighborhood is Windmill Farms.  The site of a 1,000-acre farm 40 years ago, the land was  developed in stages, resulting in 350 homes ranging from  small colonials and ranches to larger Victorians, many of  them on the farm’s five lakes or clustered around a windmill. 


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Let's be real. Real estate agents come in lots of different packages –with each promising to sell your home for the highest possible price in the least amount of time or find you the home of your dreams. Both great promises, but no transparency as to how those agents actually intend to deliver on those promises. Never mind the crazy offers from agents to give sellers double their money back - huh? or to buy a home if they don't sell it (I'm sure THAT isn't going to be the highest possible price). The net net is that it takes exceptional marketing, constant research and a proven system to help sellers sell and buyers buy. With all of the information available online it's hard to know what advice to follow and which expert opinion to believe. And then there is input from the family and friends who know everything about real estate. Hope has dedicated the last 22 years to honing her craft and knowing the current state of the real estate industry inside and out. There is a reason why Hope has stacked up accolades year after year but what does that mean for YOU? Hope is connected, respected, and working harder now than ever before to ensure a successful and amazing real estate experience. Here is the best advice:

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